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We present to you a perfect blend of choice olives from the Western Galilee region of Israel.
Throughout history, this area has been known
for its fine olive oil.
Two thousand years ago the famous historian Josephus Flavius stated that the purest oil suitable for the holy Temple Menorah (candelabra) in Jerusalem was brought from Galilee.
In Biblical times the first pressed oil was given to God and used for the anointing of kings, priests, and prophets. That same quality is brought to your table today.

Our Home Blend is made of three types of olives: Koroneiki, Picholine & Barnea.
This extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil with
its rich taste is perfect on fresh salads, for cooking, and over meat, fish, and vegetables (especially the Mediterranean cuisine).

500 ml - gross weight 650 gr


100% Olive Oil from Barnea, Picholine, Koroneiki

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