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Tahini - made from sesame seeds. Rich in calcium and iron. A small amount of grinding can turn into a larger dish, which will not only suffice many people but will also satisfy, and after you will have no guilty feelings because it is so healthy!

You can eat it in a salad, with vegetables, stews, and meat, and even add it to the chickpeas, and all that is just the entree or main course! Of course, there are lots of other things that can be prepared with the tahini in desserts too.
Grinding has a high amount of dietary fiber that is important for the digestive process.
It is recommended to buy raw tahini that has all the health value we are looking for.
The whole grind is made up of 100% minced sesame, the taste of the raw grind varies from company to company because in each company the use of sesame grinding is different, in some companies use millstone which other companies use cold pressing machines.
Even there is "sesame butter" made from sesame that is still with its rind, it is a bit more bitter but far more nutritious than standard grinding.
You can use pies and patties instead of an egg. (Iron and calcium instead of the cholesterol in the egg) - One egg is equal to two tablespoons of raw grinding. Also known as the "halva" sweet dish is made from tahini.
In Israel, there is a wide variety of addictive foods, with chocolate flavors, nuts, almonds, pistachios, vanilla. Halva spread can also be easily prepared. By a simple mix of tahini, water, and Silan-date honey.
Tahini with chocolate is an amazing combination of unforgettable flavor. Contains no cholesterol, sodium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, B6.

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