Tamar Dates with Almond paste filling covered with 100% cacao snacks 150 gr

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6 snacks * 25 gr

We often learn that the simplest is also the right one and when things are good, there is no reason to complicate them.

In this product, we serve you something nice and good, a natural 100% chocolate coating, in a creative, delicious, and nutritious way.

We did not add any sugar or other unnecessary substances.

Gross weight 190 gr


Dates (75%), natural peeled almond spread (15%), 100% organic cocoa chocolate (10%) (organic cocoa pulp, organic cocoa butter).

Contains: almond.
May contain remnants of: cashew, walnut, hazelnut, coconut, pistachio, peanut, soy, sesame.

Nutritional value

In 100 gr In 25 gr
Calories 396 99
Fat (gr) 12.8
Saturated fat (gr) 3.9
Trans Fat (gr) Less than 0.5 Less than 0.5
Cholesterol (mg) Less than 2.5 Less than 2.5
Sodium (mg) 16 4
Carbohydrate (gr) 63.5 15.9
Sugars 54.7 13.7
Proteins (gr) 7.1
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