Garden Vegetables RAW Cracker

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Shoreshei Tzion
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~ Vegan ~ Raw - Food ~ Grain-Free ~ Sprouted ~ Palio ~ Made with Handmade Love ~

Why eat raw food? Food heated above 46 degrees (Celsius) loses its natural enzymes and nutrients. Eating live food allows easy digestion, absorption of nutrients and contributes to the strength and energy of the whole body.

Why are seeds and nuts sprouted? The germination process awakens the seeds and releases the nutrients, activates the enzymes and neutralizes hard acids found in all the seeds and grains. This process helps in the digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. Sprouting reduces by about 50% the fat and by 25% the calories and increases the protein up to 30% in our food.


Organic Carrots (51%), Organic Gold Flaxseeds (13%), Organic Germinated Sesame Seeds (13%), Organic Germinated Sunflower Seeds (9%), Germinated Pumpkin Seeds (7%), Organic Brown Flaxseeds (6 %), Sea salt, parsley (0.5%) and dill (0.5%).

150 gr - gross weight 200 gr

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