Superior Olive Oil - Leccino

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Eretz Gshur
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Olive Oil tin from Leccino olives - delicate, fresh, sweetish flavor without pungency or bitterness.

Subtle, fresh, slightly sweet fruity flavor. An Italian olive variety typically cultivated in Tuscany. These olives ripen fairly early in the season and begin to darken in August. Leccino oil has a golden hue and an aroma reminiscent of green tomatoes.

About the product
  • 100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil fresh from the Golan Heights in Israel
  • Gold Medal Winner - Terra Olivo-Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition
  • Kosher Fresh and Delicious!
  • Rich in antioxidants with numerous other health benefits
  • Contains no more than 0.5% free fatty acid | anointing oil

750 ml - gross weight 815 gr


Acidity level: 0.17%
Polyphenols: 110 mg/kg

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