Organic Raw Shea Butter

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Teva Hagalil
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What is the difference between a normal and a raw peak?

The production process of shea butter is usually carried out at high temperatures and therefore an unregistered shea that is raw is a shea that has undergone a heat processing process which has caused it to lose some of its excellent properties.

120 ml - Gross weight 260 gr



A little about shea butter - the butter is extracted from the shea nuts that grow in the African prairie on the "Tree of Life", it is rich in fatty acids, vitamins A, F, and E, the rich composition of shea butter is what makes it perfect for treating dryness, sunburn, itching, stretch marks and more

How to use

Mix Tip: Use the raw peak for redness in the diaper area, for the most severe cases take an oatmeal bath and then apply in layers: raw shea, calendula oil, lavender essential oil, and Pedro in cornflour or potato flour.
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